Secure Ways To Share Files

Share Your Files Safely and Securely With Others!

Makings sure files are sent safely and securely, especially when file sharing has become a part of our everyday life. File sharing can either be personal or business-related, but it is safe to say that no matter what area of our lives, file sharing is a big aspect of all of it.

There are many ways files can be transferred online, but not all of them are safe ways to do so. Several malicious services are out there looking to prey on your data and access your files in the process of sharing. As a business or home user, you should look at ways to ensure your data remains secure.

When it comes to
secure ways to share files, here are some of the types you should look out for. You should pick the one that is most suitable to your business:

1.    File Transfer Protocol – FTP is an efficient and reliable file-transferring service. Such a service is best for unusual files, larger files, and legacy data. Services that use FTP include WinSCP and Telnet.

2.  Cloud Sharing Services – Cloud sharing enables users to share data to a central repository. Other authorized individuals can be given access to that they can download files onto their own devices. Such services allow you to add permissions to your files, so that you can control who has access and who does not. Cloud services also act as data backups; they include Dropbox, iCloud, and OneDrive.

3.   Email Providers – Emails are actually also a way to transfer files between individuals. This type of service is good for sharing smaller files and files that might need some explanation alongside them. Good email providers include Gmail and Outlook.

4.  Peer to Peer (P2P) – P2P, unlike cloud sharing services, removes the need for a central server. It enables people of a particular business or company to share files within their own network. This type of service is useful when you need to share files that cannot be uploaded to public repositories with small groups of people. Software that offers P2P includes LimeWire and BearShare.

Investing in file-sharing services allows you to share files of any size, record what files are sent and when, encrypt your data for added security, and send your files out faster than ever!

Sending digital files is an asset every individual and business should be capitalizing on. It is a great way to stay in contact with people around the world, increase international clientele, and share files faster than ever before!

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